TEAMVISION is a company for management and marketing in professional sports.

We advise athletes, we support brands.

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We work for internationally for the athletes we represent and support them with effective instruments in every field and at every stage of their careers.


Specialists from the fields of sports, the media and marketing work in our team. Internationally, we are connected with partners in all sport-specific markets worldwide.


Why do athletes need professional support?

Professional athletes, no matter what discipline, live within complex relationships. These are not always completely understood by athletes, even after many years in top-level sports. This often leads to an imbalance; there is a danger of misdirected development, above all at the start of an athletic career. In addition to the primary challenge of effectively and – above all – successfully living as a professional competitor, the athlete is constantly confronted by questions and the necessities of life. This is when professional sports management takes up the ball and enables the athlete to perform under optimal working conditions. Experienced advisors accompany these processes so that athletic career objectives can be reached. They also ensure that the top performance that is reached in competition finds a return of value outside of the sport’s venue.

What is TEAMVISION’s unique selling point?

There is hardly an economic sector that has grown as strongly and rapidly as professional sports. TEAMVISION combines many years of expertise in top-tier sports with methods of success from other branches and markets. For us, this combination offers a high return of value and is a truly unique selling point. In working with our athletes, we place a priority on the principle of permanent and individual growth. We want to support athletes in their quest to become strong and independent personalities. Paired with a focus on values such as teamwork and fairness, we are convinced that we can offer athletes advantages in competition and create alternatives for them – in sports as well as after their athletic career ends, in a second career.

What does TEAMVISON do for companies and brands?

Athletes who are present in the media are in a position to successfully transfer their image to brands. They embody attractive attributes that are convincing, and these are valuable for companies – as a part of their marketing communication. TEAMVISION brings athletes and brands together. In the athlete management approach that we practice, we have access to market information in real time and accompany both sides on the path to successful partnerships. In addition, TEAMVISION is available for athletes to activate incentives and live marketing events. Especially when creating and realizing communications strategies, companies and the agencies they work with profit from our long-term experience and connections to the world of the media.

How does TEAMVISION profit from its business models?

To attain a commercial return of value with athletes, a multi-year investment is often a prerequisite. We are especially concerned about enabling careful development – for often young talents and future athlete personalities. This is far more important to us than pure and often short-term capitalist gains. TEAMVISION’s business model is made up of a transparent fee structure and commissions.

Where does TEAMVISION want to be in the future? How would it like to be perceived?

TEAMVISION’s mission is develop into one of the top addresses in international sports management in the next few years. Our work is based on value-oriented principles that we believe will offer us a sustainable position in the market at a top level. Athletes should see us as a powerful instrument that effectively represents them and their interests on and off the field.