TEAMVISION is specialized in cycling. Our business model is based on two key pillars. We offer our cyclists outstanding full-service management. And in terms of marketing, we are effective too. TEAMVISION identifies, negotiates and activates successful sponsorships. We market cycling. Our unique network helps us. 

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At faq you can find more information about our business model.

Are you interested in a particular offer of the cycling market or in one of our represented athletes, please contact us.


Our vision is a mission: we want to develop and promote cycling. In a contemporary way, close and attractive for fans as well as sponsors. We want to make athletes strong and independent. Our ambition and our challenge are to credibly anchor cycling in the midst of society and to increase its commercial value.

Our team lives for and loves this mission – and does so in accordance with a clear set of values. And we are proud of that.




We work for our athletes internationally and support them with effective instruments that optimize their value in all fields of their careers.

We are very conscious of our social responsibility and strongly support the fight against doping in cycling.


We deliver tailor-made solutions for a successful engagement in cycling. For detailed information on marketing and evaluation of sponsorship rights, please contact us.

We are interested in marketing partnerships, as well as on the acquisition of high value-added rights and licenses in endurance sports. We are able – with third-party support – to provide venture capital. We look forward to your offers.


Specialists from cycling, the media and marketing work in our team – either contracted for specific projects or permanently. Internationally, we are connected to partners in all important European markets, the USA and South Korea so that we can  scale our business model as the need arises.

With them and a clear mission, TEAMVISION had a successful market entry.


1. Why is there a market for TEAMVISION?

Cycling in Germany is on the rise. The success of a new generation of German athletes has made cycling far more visible in the public’s perception than it was just a few years ago. Cycling offers investment partners an excellent return on investment. Current studies indicate a high level of visibility and strong throughput for brands active in cycling.

2. Why is working with professional athletes so important for the success of TEAMVISION?

Working with athletes has a key role, if one talks about the development of cycling altogether. Strong characters in athletes deliver strong and clean results in the races and besides the races. Spectators love athletes with great personality. The discipline is delivered faster to a broader public.

3. How does TEAMVISION earn money?

A comprehensible model of professional fees either on an hourly or flat-rate contribution basis finds application. With successful intermediation of sponsoring we rely on market-based provision models. Further mentioned is cycling still anything else than financially sound equipped and therefore generates most income through business partners or marketing.

4. What is the USP of TEAMVISION?

TEAMVISION has high expertise and unique access to the world of cycling, from professional cycling in all disciplines to mass sport and young urban extensions of cycling. The frequently quoted proximity to rights holders – teams, race organizers, associations and even athletes – makes us a special partner. We promote the high value of cycling towards brands and businesses and see ourselves as independent support, also in existing business relations. Agencies for market research and sponsorship analysis also benefit from our knowledge.

5. TEAMVISION is also active for right holders who compete against one another in races. How can this be reconciled?

First off, it is one of our business rules that we work in an absolutely trustworthy and discrete manner. If we were to take information from one partner and pass it on to the advantage of another, we wouldn’t be in business for very long. Second, the right holders decide what information we are given. So, all in all, we see no contradiction here, since it is our goal to develop cycling as a whole.

6. Where lays the future of TEAMVISION, how does it want to be perceived?

TEAMVISION shall be seen as top address in professional cycling regarding useful connections of sport operation, management and marketing. Companies shall develop a certain feeling that their involvement in cycling is accompanied on the highest level and that with TEAMVISION as a partner exceptional sponsorships will emerge. Athletes should see us as a worthful partner, which represents their interests “on and off the field”. In the long term, we would like to expand internationally and take further steps towards digitalizing our processes.


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