Professional cyclists live for their sport. There is almost no other discipline in which the interplay between intense training and regeneration is so decisive for athletic success. In our opinion, supporting and advising a pro cyclist goes far beyond just initiating and negotiating riders’ contracts. Instead, we see ourselves as long-term associates to be able to offer athletes excellent prerequisites on and off the field.

Our large network of partners – for tax and legal questions, insurance and pension management on up to sports science, among others – is open and available to our athletes.

Whether individual marketing, social media marketing as well as brand building and the handling of press inquiries, up to the planning of the “second career” after the top sport. We help athletes develop independently into strong personalities.

We carefully lead up-and-coming athletes to future challenges; intense media training belongs to this path. We have excellent contacts in the UCI WorldTour; we work closely with teams, associations and race organizers.